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My Beautiful Little Sisters
My Truth
My Joy
My Heart

A little bit about me...

Rachel Marie Cofsky

On stage I’ve played the roles of presidents, strippers, the girl next door, and even a little stone. In my real life, I’ve been a choreographer, teacher, confidant, sister, lover. I’ve become a chameleon to whatever environment I’m in and what its needs are, the first of which was my small humble hometown of Charlton, Massachusetts. Play some upbeat country music under string lights on a Friday night and I’ll lead the line dancing, or catch me con mis amigos y compañeros de trabajo cuando me están enseñando español. Truly I’ve learned to transform into whoever I want to be, and love discovering the new characteristics I can take on.

As an artist I’m constantly trying to learn about the world around me, and the people in it. Working on set, I find a way to connect to each and every person around me so I know where I stand as the actor, and who I am as a character inside and out. Working in Higher Education, I’ve learned to empathize with students and their struggles during some of the most transformative years of their life.

As a big sister, I learned that until you open up and expose your heart to someone else, you’ll never get that courtesy in return, thus you’ll never truly know them. My vulnerability, my genuine love and passion for the world around me, is how I step into my art, each and every time.

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